CAJISO Paper Watch

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  • MEET THE PAPER WATCH: A wearable device that looks like a paper wristband but acts like a regular watch, Different from common watch, CAJISO Watch is quite special and with a sense of design.
  • SUPER LIGHT AND SOFT: The watch made from paper-like material “Tyvek” and it’s super soft as feather.
  • SPLASH PROOF AND RIP PROOF: The watch looks and feels like paper but is actually splashproof. Made of Tyvek so it won’t tear within seconds when you wrapping it around your wrist.
  • FASHION AND SPECIAL: We offer different styles CAJISO watch so you can collaborate with all kinds of outfits.
  • MAGNETIC AND EASY ADJUST: Using a magnetic closure system, You can switch between time and date. And the wrist circle is adjustable. 

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